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This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message A form-fitting Halloween costume A form-fitting garment is an article of clothing that tightly follows the contours of the part of the body being covered. Most form-fitting clothing is worn by females. A feature of Western societies is the popularity of form-fitting clothing worn by women, compared to equivalent male garments. These include t-shirts , shorts , and jeans. Some cultures and religious communities disapprove of form-fitting clothing, especially outerwear, which they consider to be immodest. There are numerous types of clothing which typically are or which can be made form-fitting. For example, stockings , leggings , tights , and socks are usually form-fitting.

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Many authors have stated that Victor Patented the bolo, however, records show the only patent awarded to Mr. Cedarstaff was for a “Slide for a necktie” in (pat. #2,,) and it was for a type of a bolo slide, not the bolo itself.

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A bolo tie (sometimes bola tie or shoestring necktie) is a type of necktie consisting of a piece of cord or braided leather with decorative metal tips – aglets (aiguillettes) – .

Popularity[ edit ] Bolo tie in use United States In the United States , bolo ties are widely associated with Western wear , and are generally most common in the western areas of the country. Bolo tie slides and tips in silver have been part of Hopi , Navajo , Zuni , and Puebloan silversmithing traditions since the mid th century. New Mexico passed a non-binding measure to designate the bolo as the state’s official neckwear in On March 13, , New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson signed into law that the bolo tie was the state’s official tie.

In the United Kingdom , bolo ties are known as bootlace ties. They were popular with s Teddy Boys , who wore them with drape suits. Chain stores like Jeanswest and Merry-Go-Round sold multiple choices for all occasions. During the s and s bolo ties, some elegant and expensive, were sold in Japan , Korea , and China. Some had fancy, hand-made cords, and unusual tips.

Sales overseas skyrocketed post s; this was due to the overflow from the United States, where it had fallen out of fashion in the s. Victor Cedarstaff was riding his horse one day when his hat blew off.

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Nina Makofsky Gently file the edges of the metal bolo slide using a metal file, concentrating especially around the bends where the cord will come in contact with the metal. This helps smooth the surface to prevent damage to the cord. When you are done, remove any residue using a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the slide, and then dry it with a clean dry cloth. Pick a medium or large decorative button, pendant or polished stone with a flat backside.

This will be the “centerpiece” of your bolo tie. Wipe the backside of the button, pendant or stone with a damp cloth to remove residue, and dry it thoroughly with a clean dry cloth.

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The Sky Stone Turquoise is an ancient talisman for health and happiness and has been used in ceremonies and everyday use for many moons. Two Feathers selection of Native American jewellery is handmade and comes directly from the Tribes of America such as the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni to name but a few. The use of Turquoise, Jet, Coral, Mother of Pearl and Spiny Oyster Shell often set in Silver create a wonderful blend of colour, texture and creativity and are the signature stones of the Natives of the Southwest that are still used to this day.

Subcategories Bracelets Native American Bracelets from some of the most talented Silversmiths in the world. Native American Traditions strongly influence the designs of their Bracelets. There are designs dating back thousands of years ago that were found etched on cave walls still being used in Native Bracelets today. The Haida are surrounded by water, which influences their culture, food and colours their stories and traditions. The Haida are a tribe who have preserved the central elements to their culture, which is reflected through their songs, dances, language and potlatch ceremonies.

Infamous throughout the world as master totem pole carvers, the Haida were one of the first, in the s, to carve miniature totem poles to sell to tourists as souvenirs. It documented our progress as a people, it documented the histories of the families. Throughout our history, it has been the art that has kept our spirit alive.

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Nina Makofsky Check for a safety-style catch. This style was used for a short period of time around and again in the s to the present. This style has a small movable piece that holds the pin in place on the C-shaped catch. Look for a trombone-style catch. This mechanism is when the pin slips into a barrel to secure the brooch. Trombone catches are indicative of European jewelry from through the s.

Adding a bolo tie to your ensemble will not only add a bit of class but also the western flair you’ve been looking for to turn heads at your next outing or business meeting. Shop sterling silver bolo ties from B.G. Mudd, Randall Moore, Silver King and from the Pinto Ranch YY private label collection.5/5(K).

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Jon is the son of world renowned Zuni artists Eddie and Madeline Beyuka and carries on the family traditions and skills of jewelry making. Eddie Beyuka, his father, has his work displayed in museums and collection around the world. Jonathan is also very talented, and his works are already getting top dollar in galleries and gift shops in the southwest. This extraordinary piece is signed by J.

Beyuka and is inlaid with very clean Sleeping Beauty turquoise, pink shell, white shell yellow lip shell, cowrie shell, brown shell and orange spondylus shell. The buffalo dancer also carries a rattle and removable tie pin and has matching inlaid dangling tips. It was intended to also be displayed on a stand. There’s also a silver tube on the back. I’m dating it to the early s because of the tube on the back.

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