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The SmartDrive SmartIQ Speeding Drivers Snapshot for Truckers , which aggregates and anonymizes data from the SmartDrive database of more than million analyzed and scored driving events, helps fleets understand the inherent risks and costs associated with speeding, and highlights opportunities to improve safety and operational efficiency. With validation through video analysis, these findings clearly demonstrate that drivers who speed are more likely to take other risks, be involved in near collisions and waste more fuel compared to their non-speeding colleagues. Significant conclusions include, drivers who speed are: SmartDrive applauds those fleets that have taken the necessary steps to reduce speeding, protecting their drivers and the motoring public by implementing an action-oriented video safety program. In addition to statistical data, the report includes data relating speeding to crash and maintenance costs, along with its effect on tires and fuel efficiency. Now, in addition to understanding the impact of speeding, fleet managers can visualize where speeding occurs most often, and coach drivers accordingly.

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Report by researchers finds serious flaws in hockey helmets By Sam Mattson, Guidon Staff Writer November 10, Leave a Comment Norwich hockey players put a lot of faith in their helmets to protect against concussions. A report from Virginia Tech scored most helmets poorly on accomplishing that job. Photo by Darwin Carozza According to a recent independent study conducted by researchers at Virginia Tech, more than a quarter of all hockey helmets on the market are considered unsafe.

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Cars , Manly Skills Gearhead In our last primer, we discussed the basics of the drivetrain. On most cars, known as two-wheel drive 2WD cars, the drivetrain transfers power to just two wheels — either the two rear wheels aka, rear-wheel drive or the two front wheels aka front-wheel drive. The movement of these two wheels makes the car move, and the other wheels in turn.

For most vehicles and in most driving conditions, having just two wheels to move your car is all you need. But when your driving surface is covered in snow or consists of loose sand and gravel, it helps to have all the wheels working together to give your car extra traction and move it over the terrain.

SmartDrive SmartIQ Speed Bracket Analysis enables fleet managers to identify habitual speeders and coach them to improve their overall safety and fuel economy. The complete Speeding Drivers Snapshot for Trucking is a free resource, available online.

Wheels is the world’s most experienced automotive fleet leasing and management company, and a trusted industry leader. Wheels provides organizations around the world with company cars and trucks along with state-of-the-art services and support. Zollie Frank sat down with AF in and shared the company’s history. In addition to buying a car, I bought a car agency. While at a dealership arranging to purchase the car, I met a Chrysler factory representative who was taken with my initiative.

He told me that if I couldn’t make my fortune in Chicago, I wouldn’t make it anywhere. That started me thinking. When I later stopped back to pick up the vehicle, I was sufficiently intrigued to set up a meeting with the man from Chrysler. He told me about a Chrysler dealership for sale. I decided to buy it and make my fortune not in California but in Chicago. Today, my organization is widespread and includes Wheels originally Four Wheels , one of the country’s biggest auto-and-truck-leasing operations with more than 90, vehicles on lease nationwide.

Many people contributed a great deal to our success. I had met the man who would become my brother-in-law when we were dating sisters. Armund Schoen joined me in business and helped me found Four Wheels.

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Holidays are tough for singles, especially when you’re over It seems like everyone out there is a couple or a family celebrating the holidays together. What’s even harder is they all look so happy. You end up feeling like you’re the only one in the world left out of all this holiday cheer. That’s because we can paint a picture in our heads of the only way we truly believe our holidays should be

Fifth wheels respond to your steering input in a delayed manner, by going slow you have a better chance to correct a miss guided path. It will help if you can pull a good distance ahead before backing in to allow plenty of space for a gradual turn into the spot.

Now that I have your attention, allow me to elaborate. Very recently I casually dated a lovely woman, divorced with two grown children living out of the house. While we had just a few dates, I did enjoy her company very much. We had a fine day, running to the dry cleaners, stopping for lunch and window shopping in a near by town.

My friend even decided to stay over since she lived about an hour away. While the details of that evening are not important here… I could tell that the morning sun brought a change in her behavior. She left shortly before noon and although we exchanged a message or two, we did not speak again that day, or the next! Note to me and you; never love someone more than life! I told her I appreciated her honesty but wished she had been so much sooner.

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Deze bedrijven gaan de nieuwe elektrische bestelauto tot medio volgend jaar in de praktijk testen. De e-Crafter komt naar verwachting in het najaar van op de Europese markt. Eckhard Scholz, bestuursvoorzitter van Volkswagen Bedrijfswagens. Hun bevindingen kunnen voor verbeteringen zorgen aan het uiteindelijke productiemodel van de e-Crafter. Dat betekent dat de bagageruimte van de Crafter in zijn geheel kan worden benut.

“Only in the past five years has the CTE topic come to life, it really makes you think about your safety when playing the game,” said Bryce Currier, a alumnus from Essex, Vt., who played defense for Norwich and is now an assistant coach on the team.

Along with enjoying the content and acting in the movie, I was impressed with the unique methods used to produce the film, which are outlined below. What struck me was how rare it is to see film or TV accurately or honestly tell the story of teenage boyhood including the experiences of the boy himself. We do this profusely in the media with teenage girls, most people over the age of twelve can tell you in detail what it is like to be a teenage girl.

We have many classic and not-so-classics books, films and TV shows about girls coming of age and their experiences related to their transitions. Not so much for boys. Maybe teenage boys are just not cute enough for the media? I refuse to believe it is because their stories are not as interesting or worthy of attention. For many positive reasons, we have focused significant attention on girls in the last fifteen or so years.

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History[ edit ] Forest River, Inc. The company started by manufacturing tentcampers, travel trailers , fifth wheels, and park models under the following model lines: Later that same year they began producing cargo utility trailers as Cargo Mate. In , Forest River established a second cargo trailer line in called Continental Cargo. In , Rockport Commercial Vehicles, a brand of commercial vehicles and cargo trucks, was launched.

That same year, the company acquired Vanguard Industries and the assets of Palomino.

Jun 09,  · Parliament Coach Corp. announced it has reached a settlement agreement with its largest creditors allowing Parliament Coach to emerge out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization that began on December 30,

Kevin Howard becomes the 22nd basketball coach at Princeton High School dating back to His grandfather, Bill Howard, was the Tigers coach from What does it mean to you to be a Princeton Tiger? Respect, loyalty, passion, brotherhood, selflessness, hard work, never giving up, teamwork, and of course love! What led you most in wanting to come back to PHS to be a coach?

I always knew I would coach basketball in high school someday. I thought it would have happened sooner but trading and day to day life got in the way. I love kids, I love teaching, and I love basketball. I know in my heart I was put on this earth to do wonderful things that impact others in a positive way. Its my calling is all I can say. What do you think he would say about his grandson following in his footsteps 70 years later?

How much talk did you hear growing up about your grandfather coaching here and your dad and uncles?

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