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This is a list of console commands in Dota 2, based- on Dota 2 GC version 1. The home of competitive TF2 — news, events, discussion, streams, stats, and more! Bring your A-game to the game with this tweak guide! List of almost all console commands and cvars for CS: Especially useful for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developers and creating configs. Wir zeigen dir wie du deine eigene CS: Mit Config Vorlage und CS: GO Config Beispielen von den Profis. GO – Best and Funniest of Oddshots 25″ https:

TTT Aus dem spectate mode raus kommen.

Shares Adjust network settings in the config file These network settings are the most important commands you will type into your config file. Find the following commands in your config and change their values as noted: Also, add rate to your config file with the following value: Think of it like this: The client version is default milliseconds in the past of the “real” server version of the game world.

CL_INTERP “”” Actions. Post a Comment You must have an ESEA account and be signed in to post a reply. Welcome to ESEA Create an Play a Pick Up Game Play with the pros using our matchmaking system (click “Play Now” in the Client) while learning and practicing the competitive format Complete the list.

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I’ll just stick with the demo. As soon as people lay eyes on it, it’ll be pretty easy to verify as a single segment EDIT: By the way, a couple rather amusing things happened during my test run today. First was during the teleporting sequence at the beginning.

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Global Offensive can exploit the power of the Source engine console to give you more options and better settings. Just want to have a play? What are the best CS: The syntax for commands put into this box is -[command] and then a space before the next one or any additional values that might be required. Load console on game start -console This will enable the console as soon as you get into the game. Useful for keeping web browsers running on a second monitor while playing.

Recommended to set this to however many cores your computer has probably 4.

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Left 4 Dead 2 Entity interpolation By default, the client receives about 20 snapshot per second. If the objects entities in the world were only rendered at the positions received by the server, moving objects and animation would look choppy and jittery. Dropped packets would also cause noticeable glitches.

The trick to solve this problem is to go back in time for rendering, so positions and animations can be continuously interpolated between two recently received snapshots.

What is interp,and how its works Interp is essentially how CS interprets differences in latency. It’s sources way to deal with lag. Basically both parties(the shooter and the shootie) send all t.

GO to pass more traffic from the server to your system. Old versus New Hitboxes On 15th September Valve released an update, which improved the old player skeleton and hitbox system in CS: They also replaced all player animations to get rid of some really annoying bugs. The reddit user whats0n took a look into the model files and published a very nice image comparison between the old and new hitbox system.

As you can see, the new hitboxes are capsule-based. Together with the new player skeleton and the reworked animations, this update also fixed a bunch of annoying bugs e. What does the current value for var represent? Value for sv var when server performance is meeting tickrate requirements represents the standard deviation of accuracy of server OS nanosleep function measured in microseconds over the history of last 50 server frames.

The latest update relies on it for efficiently sleeping and waking up to start next frame simulation. Should usually be fractions of milliseconds. Value for client var near fps net graph display is showing standard deviation of client framerate measured in milliseconds over the history of last client frames. Originally, it was considered respectable to have a var of less than 1, reasonable to have it spike as high as 2, but pretty much horrible to have a variance remain above 2 for any length of time.

For a tick server as long as sv value stays mostly below


Some commands are legacy commands or are “not hooked up to code”. Some TF2 commands may need developer mode launch option -dev in order to work. The format for variables in the table is:

Feb 04,  · In this video i show you how to set up rates to fix some connection problems with your bullet registration and connection to match making servers.

Daca este laptop, fie si el performant, asigurati-va ca este alimentat la priza. Pe baterie acesta nu va solicita sistemul la maximum. Daca resursele hardware sunt mici putem incerca un upgrade la placa video. Totusi, ea nu este totul, ci si procesorul conteaza destul de mult in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Inainte de a face un upgrade intrebati in stanga si in dreapta despre compatibilitati, etc.

Cu cat detaliile sunt mai mari, cu cat rezolutia este mai ridicata, cu atat placa video va incerca sa ofere detaliile, umbrele, texturile si asa mai departe. Calculatorul este un ecosistem, informatia circula de la o componenta la alta, asa ca orice componenta proasta va poate face probleme in joc. Aceste programele sunt foarte ok, le recomand. Pe mine m-a ajutat destul de mult cel de la nVIDIA, nu mai trebuia sa fac eu manual setarile pe care vi le povesteam in articolul de la CS 1.

Cum cresc FPS-ul din joc? Cu cat mai multa informatie pentru calculator, cu atat mai putine FPS-uri pentru voi. Asta este valabil pentru orice joc, nu doar pentru Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Tot aici vreau sa amintesc si hartile imposibile, neoptimizate, cu detalii foarte mari.

CS:GO richtige Netsettings

A static crosshair does not expand during movement. As the crosshair s expansion does not accurately reflect current accuracy values I recommend using a static crosshair. Again in the config file, change these values to customize your crosshair. Crosshair style and color can easily be adjusted in CS: Choose the right mouse sensitivity Want greater control and accuracy in combat?

To find the right mouse sensitivity, lower your sensitivity to a level that feels uncomfortable to play at, and then raise it one notch.

Cl_Interp_Ratio Cs Go Matchmaking – What are the proper Cl_interp, Cl_interp_ratio, and Forum thread: Best rates for MatchMaking? | Forum thread: cl_interp_ratio 1 or 2 | Настройки для CS:GO [ Рейты ] – NaVi Forum – Киберфорум Na`Vi.

It’s flagged as a cheat so you can’t even manually disable it. And flagged as a cheat. Which means that extrapolation doesn’t do anything in TF2. I just realized how incredibly autistic the joke I was trying to go for is and how it’s not funny and nobody is going to get that I was trying to do idiot humor. Okay, so extrapolation is enabled right now.

And it’s set to work for long enough that it actually does something instead of not doing something. The problem is, extrapolation sucks. Especially in a game with animations that accelerate as much as TF2. So if you have something that’s accelerating extremely tightly, like, I don’t know, a double jumping scout, or someone’s legs, this is going to happen. TF2’s animations just plain aren’t synced on a regular enough basis for extrapolation to do a good job for how much acceleration they have.

That’s what this looks like. SetsulIf your connection is perfect use the same for hitscan No

CS:GO – Noob to Pro – Best Network Settings for 2017