Fred Savage Hosts New Bravo Reality Dating Show! [A Parody]

Logo beat Bravo to the punch with The A-List: New York , which has definitely been one of my favorite shows this fall. Now, word is that Bravo is coming out with their own Gay Housewives of New York which is currently untitled and filming starts in early ! The group of friends apparently call themselves The Plastics, which I totally approve of. They like to take trips together to Montreal, as shown in some of the photos. His own bio on his blog reads: Apparently they are an on again off again thing, which I guess is good for the show! Carlyle owns an interior design firm called Carlyle Architectural Designs, and is also an artist. You can follow him on Twitter JoeyShowroom. He apparently has a great sense of humor and is always the life of the party.

Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Arrested for Assault & Battery, Let Go From Bravo Show

Stripped, described as “a social-experiment reality show,”— is based on the premise of getting naked in order to realign your priorities in life and determine what means the most to you. That means giving up all their material possessions, including clothing, money, electronics and furniture, for 21 days and why the guy featured in the teaser clip above is standing there balls naked in an empty apartment.

Essentials — like toilet paper and food — are provided, but nothing else is permitted — at least on day one.

On Tuesday, gossip site The Fame Driven reported that the ex-New York Rangers forward Vogue intern is engaged to Andy Cohen, mastermind of Bravo TV’s addictive programming and a star in his own.

V was the absolute BEST! Sharon Siter need another season of below deck! He will be the soul reason I stop watching that show. Each time his mouth, I mean he has the camera on him, I change the channel. I had to do the same thing last week and tonight during the Reunion. I will stop watching this show if they bring this couple back!

Ole’ For Roble’: Why BRAVO’s Latest Sensation Is A Black Sex Symbol

If you read version Alpha, things will seem familiar in the beginning of this book, because the two versions share a lot of text for the first few chapters as the story is set up. Then things change and the plot plays out in an entirely different fashion. There are subtle differences between the early chapters of the two books, which support the different directions in which things go, so it is recommended that you read everything carefully, even if it seems familiar.

Bravo to Premiere New Docu-Series SWEET HOME OKLAHOMA, 3/20 has attempted to navigate the world of online dating. The Welch household is her .

But when iO discovers that Mecca’s digital beau may be using her pictures to catfish others, Mecca needs answers. Max and co-host iO Tillett Wright help Mecca connect with the boy she’s loved for years. But when iO discovers that Mecca’s beau may be using her pictures to catfish others, Mecca needs answers. An affluent grandmother falls victim to an elaborate murder plot fueled by passion and greed.

Revisits Gok hooks up again with ballet teacher Sonya Pettigrew. She hated her body and it was ruining her relationship until Gok encouraged her to love her shape, giving her the confidence to go naked. Gok hooks up again with ballet teacher Sonya Pettigrew. Sharing special moments with two Bachelors on their home soil has Ali on cloud nine, however, on the final two home-town visits, not all goes to plan.

But with lawsuits pending, Abby’s enemies are out to get her including her rival, Jeanette who is out for revenge. S5 Ep8 It’s the big Maddie vs Kalani showdown everyone has been waiting for! She is losing control of her staff, losing customers from her business, and losing hope fast. Candolyn has owned Candolyn’s Salon for 10 years but she has fallen on hard times.

Scheana Marie confronts ex Mike Shay on Bravo reunion show

Martin, Michael, Nelson Episode 1 starts out with the four guys’ being brought to the house and introduced to Slade after the news that their brief residence is, in fact, his house. They are shown their small living quarters, 4 twin beds in a cramped room with one bathroom. They have all planned dates and Martin, the real estate salesman, goes first. He takes Jo to a restaurant, which he has shut down just for them.

He cooks her a meal in the restaurant’s kitchen with minimal help from Jo. They then go dancing in the restaurant.

Josh Flagg is the #1 Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent. Josh has completed more than $2,,, in residential real estate sales in the past decade and is one of America’s most successful and sought-after luxury real estate agents.

Home girl is hot … train smoke hot. However her boyfriend — real estate mogul, ex-politician and reality television star Thomas Ravenel — is a notorious playboy. One with the attention span of a gnat. Often without him even knowing about it. What makes Jacobs any different? Nothing … or so we thought … Of course we did take notice months ago when Ravenel — who typically lauds his leading ladies based exclusively on their physical endowments — confined his praise of Jacobs to her inner beauty.

‘Dirty John’: The true story behind upcoming Bravo show starring Connie Britton and Eric Bana

Reality TV surgeon accused of sexual assault California orthopedic surgeon who once appeared on a Bravo reality TV show and his girlfriend are accused of drugging and sexual assaulting women. Grant William Robicheaux, 38, and Cerissa Laura Riley, 31, were charged with rape by use of drugs, oral copulation by anesthesia or controlled substance, and assault with intent to commit sexual offense.

Officials say he and Riley spent a lot of time traveling to various festivals, including Burning Man, which is known for its heavy drug use by festivalgoers. Prosecutors say that Robicheaux and Riley met the first woman, 32, at a Newport Beach restaurant in April The woman contacted police the next day. The second case unfolded less than six months later, on Oct.

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Or rather, I imagined the cake, thinking I’d find something delectable about “Dirty John,” Bravo’s eight-episode limited series based on the gripping true-crime podcast and narrative series by Los Angeles Times reporter Christopher Goffard. In addition to drawing on Goffard’s riveting reporting – about Debra Newell, a wealthy Orange County businesswoman who fell for a charming and dangerous grifter named John Meehan – the drama stars Connie Britton, the patron saint of one-hour dramas.

Alas, “Dirty John,” created by former “Desperate Housewives” writer-producer Alexandra Cunningham, leaves a lot to be desired, judging by the three episodes made available for this review. The show officially premieres Nov. Britton of “Nashville” and “Friday Night Lights” fame was an obvious choice to play Debra, described in the podcast as beautiful and put together, with layers of “cornsilk-blond” hair.

She continues to believe in love and endures a sequence of bad dates in an effort to find it. Things feel different when she meets John, a handsome if somewhat scruffy anesthesiologist, who dotes on her. After a whirlwind few weeks of dating, well, you can probably guess what happens next.

Travis Kelce’s new dating show ‘Catching Kelce’ is absurd

With a crazy crew of staff, friends, extended family and the daily demands of raising five and counting opinionated kids, the couple works to keep up the street-cred that has made them a household name. Bravo is redefining the prank show by making it a laugh-out-loud family affair. The family member willing to take it the furthest, wins. In this imaginative docu-series, a cast of modern women will be sent back to the s to experience the ultimate era of the American Housewife.

Living in a cul-de-sac of authentic Sixties homes, these women and their families will be transported back into a traditional decade where men made the money, women made the home, and teenagers actually did as they were told.

Summer House is Bravo’s latest entry in its Affluent White People series. While the show had been heavily advertised as premiering last night, the backdoor pilot technically aired last week.

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New Bravo Show – Saturday Night Live