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I have a special treat for you all, I did an interview recently with a dear friend of mine who just recently discovered that she identifies as Graysexual. A Graysexual is someone that falls under the umbrella of Asexuallity or are on the Asexual spectrum. Most Graysexuals can go months and years even without sex and I find that pretty interesting. Okay first question, how would you define your sexuality Shari: Are you asking for boys and girls or both? Yes and how do you define your sexuality just broad spectrum S: I thought I was that for the longest time because my sex drive is just very slim.. Would you consider yourself monogamous? I have only one been in one actual relationship and I was in the mindset of, this relationship is just for US!

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Born this way- Polyamorous as an orientation vs. I have been under a tremendous amount of stress for about 3 years now. Last year around this time, a particularly bad crisis hit my business that required I muscle every ounce of my emotional, spiritual and physical strength to fight it. I began working 12 hour days— every day.

For the record, Showtime did not cancel the show. Here’s my understanding of why Polyamory: Married & Dating didn’t continue. Shortly following the season finale, the production company, BermanBraun, changed ownership.

It has almost members now, and though a lot of the poly people I know are members, it does not contain all of them nor does it contain the partners or ex-partners of everyone , and is predominantly heterosexual and bisexual, so it is still but a sampling of the poly population in this city. A few days ago, or more than a few days ago time is very relative for me right now , there was a discussion about hierarchy in polyamory.

Hierarchy generally refers to the practice of having usually one, but sometimes more than one, partner that one tends to hold above others. Often these relationships have rules, which is another point of contention. This was my contribution to the thread: I have lots of thoughts and feelings on this, but I have to be at work in 27 minutes and that includes a 12 minute walk. Hierarchy is something I think about a lot, because I am someone whose primary love language is to want to provide a home and safe space for others.

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Submit Despite the claims That polyamory means many loves, and is not about the sex, it really is about the sex. Clearly it is about sex. Dividing attention between multiple partners, by its very nature divides the intimacy whether it is due to time constraints or other factors. Fewer partners equates to greater intimacy with monogamy being the greatest depth of intimacy to be found with others.

The latest Tweets from Anthony Cristofani (@anthcristofani). Writer, gadfly, musician, revolutionary, English Instructor, reality tv (Polyamory: Married and Dating), pro llama rider, truth or dare expert, muppet. Riverside, CA.

The hardest part of the project was playing myself. After being a leader in the polyamory community for so many years, it was hard to step off my soap box and work through my own jealousy, judgements and possessiveness on camera. This work has evolved me from a teacher — to a role model who has to walk her talk. Plus, Jessica from Modern Poly sat down with Anthony from the show’s triad for an excellent and lengthy interview.

When asked what poly activists and leaders in the poly movement should focus on, he explained: I too often see polyamory activists — like most activists in most fields I’ve worked in — waste too much time and energy nitpicking each other over what each other’s beliefs or lifestyle does for the movement. I’ve witnessed this with our show, reading countless comments about how we hurt the community because we have rules that would chafe many poly people, or our having sex on television and not being polyfidelitous gives the unfortunate impression that poly is for the sexually insatiable or is glorified swinging.

I’ve heard it all, and I think it’s unhelpful. For one thing, it’s unrealistic to look for the poly family that perfectly represents poly. We’re all as eccentric and different as monogamous people.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Oct 18, at Now, pretty much everything I knew about polyamory I learned from the Dan Savage podcast or from a few hippies I knew in Austin in the early aughts, but I was very interested in how a mainstream premium cable network would handle a subject like this. Turns out, it does it very, very well. The series is the perfect balance of a fascinating anthropological documentary, a juicy soap opera, and a titillating softcore porn.

The emotions and dynamics are nuanced, and the characters are deep, smart and seem like actual humans.

Polyamory: Married & Dating is an American reality television series on the American pay television network Showtime. The series follows polyamorous families as Genre: Documentary, Reality.

I am a complete and very happy person on my own. I would miss Hank horribly if anything ever happened to him, and yes a part of me would be broken forever but I would still be me. To keep myself busy and enrich my mind and body I have a ton of hobbies, friends and business commitments. I write a lot; writing was always my first love. However, I am still looking.

I love everything about it. I could happily lie naked with a woman for the rest of my life and never need anything more.

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It should be noted that the largest Mormon church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, long ago officially renounced plural marriage as something for this life. It is numerous smaller Mormon denominations that still practice plural marriage. The general definition of polyamory is having a romantic, dating, courting, or marital relationship or engaging in sex with more than one person not necessarily together , under agreement by all not cheating.

Polyamory and monogamy are alternatives to each other.

Polyamory: Married and Dating Polyamory is the subject of Showtime’s new reality TV show. Posted Jul 20,

The couple currently identifies 12 other lovers – some they share and some they don’t. Devoted to expanding their family, they are inviting two of their lovers, married couple Jen and Tahl, to move in with them. In the premiere episode, the duo is reconnecting with their primary girlfriend of the past two years, Vanessa, who desperately wants a formalized commitment from her polyamorous triad. Working with the director, Natalia Garcia was a rich learning experience, for me.

She is a spiritually minded woman of vision, who is committed to women’s liberation and conflict resolution. The polyamorous community is blessed to have an ally in Hollywood who is not afraid of sex, nor obsessed by it either. This is a sexually explicit, adult content show. And the sex scenes tastefully and truthfully depict long term relationships making love in various combinations. We artfully show and frankly discuss lesbian sex, threesomes, foursomes and more!

The show is also family oriented, and focuses on communication, conflict resolution and above all, LOVE.

Polyamory: Married and Dating

Originally Posted by bribrius View Post i saw a episode of that “sister wives” show. Just one is another fulltime job. Then i got just one wife and it quickly went away. Yeah, we watch that too. I still don’t know how he does that with 4 wives. That’s different from what i’m considering, since in that scenario, person A has a relationship with person B, C, D, and E, and thats it.

Polyamory: Married and Dating is a reality show on Showtime. I accidentally watched it last week because it was on after The Real L Word, and this week the same thing happened. Like The Real L Word, Polyamory is a reality show on a mission to educate us about different lifestyles while giving us lots of gratuitous nudity and real-life bedroom.

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Tweet Share While being bisexual, lesbian or gay seem to be slowly gaining acceptance in “mainstream” America, there is one part of my life that still begets misunderstanding or hostility from even those within the LGBT community. Yes, not only am I bisexual , I choose to be polyamorous as well. Some people don’t understand it at all. Others mistake it for other lifestyles, like swinging.

A band of bisexuals feel angry towards people like me because they think we perpetuate the idea that all bisexuals need both a man and a woman, that we’re easy, that we can’t be monogamous or other such fears.

Polyamory: Married & Dating follows two polyamorous families living in Southern California. New to the show are Chris, his wife Leigh Ann, and their girlfriend Megan, a threesome living in Hollywood, CA.

And then Things ended, Things changed, and now there are new Things. I never know how flattering to be, how honest; and just being aware of their reactions could color my writing. And so did Nanette. Lylith did not react well to my taking a new partner in Meredith. And especially with Nanette.. My adding other partners never sat well with her. To her credit, she never asked me to stop.

But she did not like it one bit. She also had some troubles with my being a Dom. She tried playing sub for me once, but I think perhaps it was a bit too intense for her. My work schedule did not allow me to spend the amount of time with her she wanted, she did feel she was a big enough priority to her. She was also depressed at that time.

Polyamory: Married & Dating

Thanks also to the sucks gods for giving me a heads up on this gem. First off, these people are disgusting, particularly the women. And the men all seem all whiny and subjugated, save the closeted asshole who joins his girlfriend in manipulating his wife using made up psycho babble bullshit. That bitch should have been thrown out of the fucking house by her hair!!!!!

It’s official: Polyamory: Married & Dating has been renewed for a second season! The popular Showtime reality docu-series, which followed one triad and one quad, concluded its first season last August. After that, the stars of the show made the media rounds, appearing on Dr. Drew, The Ricki Lake Show, and as experts in various online articles.. In October, show producer and director Natalia.

Lindsey and Anthony are legally married to each other and are both in a. Follows married Los Angeles grad students Lindsey and Anthony as. I think my series is an excellent introduction to people who had no exposure to alternative love styles. I think she bent over backwards for him and to try to make the marriage work.

The two groups on the show, however, are a triad and a quad, both groups living and planning futures together. They certainly saw their own commitment ceremony as a revolutionary act, beyond simply one of personal significance. In the season finale, Anthony, Lindsey and Vanessa are off to Los Angeles for their commitment ceremony. In the season finale, Anthony, Lindsey and Vanessa head to Los Angeles for their commitment ceremony. In this episode, the couple introduces Roxanne, Kamala’s extracurricular girlfriend, who Michael is not allowed to share.

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