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See it in any professional team that you follow, the draft plays a vital role in their success and the credit of which should undoubtedly go to the captain. However, the victory is often seen due to the performances of a carry or mid player who had been wrecking havoc around the map and ultimately won them the game. So for these unsung heroes, we today have decided to give some love by highlighting their achievements and how they have lead their teams to success and honor that has made place in the history of Dota 2. Lo and Behold, some of the best Dota 2 captains that the game has blessed us with. Originally, the captain and drafter for Fnatic. Dota2 during the era, Fly rose to success as a leader even before he entered the professional Dota 2 scene. Failing to find the spark, fate saw Fly move onto one team after another until he finally held grounds in a mix named Monkey Business.

Team Matchmaking Dota 2 Low Priority Being punished with low priority matchmaking. In fact, I have never been put into the low priority pool before. Matchmaking is the process through which the system groups.

Before transferring to DotA, xiao8 was a Zhensan player which is another very famous RPG map on the WAR3 engine in China. Later on, lots of Zhensan players went to the DotA scene including ZSMJ, Dai, KingJ, , , etc. Known as one of the best Weaver players, xiao8 joined LGD along with members from the original Invictus Gaming team following Gamescom.

Dota 2 Writer Image via Valve Some Chinese Dota 2 veterans just don’t have the word “quit” in their respective vocabularies—at least, in the permanent sense. The news was broken by xiao8 himself on New Year’s Day, via a post on his personal Weibo account. Although xiao8 has been largely out of the competitive space since leaving LGD Forever Young early last year, he has kept himself somewhat busy by playing for Newbee Boss—a team explicitly formed just for kicks and not for actual results.

Thus, this announcement marks his official return to playing seriously, starting with Big God 2. He also snagged fourth place at the Kiev Major, and sixth place at The International 7. It’s clear that the man known for the most fearsome Anti-Mage play in history still has some fight left in him despite his age he turns 30 this year , and that the competitive spirit and drive for a TI title still burns within him.

Before that, however, he was on Invictus Gaming for a solid five years, rivaling even someone like Na’Vi’s Danil “Dendi” Ishutin for the record of longest tenure with a single organization. They will be joined by Li “chisbug” Chen, another veteran of the Chinese scene, as the hard support player. As for the 2.

Xiao8 resumed a gaming career

Environment is not supportive enough for new players Q: Hello Master 8, thank you so much for agreeing to meeting us. You just had a baby. We SGamers wish him good health and your family happiness and warmth. Can we know the name of the TI20 Champ Little 8? Do you have any career plans for him?

6k Hours(4 years) of Dota.I never got to know this until is a written thing on the back of Treant Protector which says “Riki was here”.May be someone had uploaded it the new comers know about makers of Dota are so creative.

An interview of Xiao8 before proceeding to the main event of the The International Because every year when it comes to Ti, participants will be busy with training, and have very little time for girlfriend. I could be there at Ti4, for work or for personal reasons, but I chose to stay at home, patiently waits for him to return.

I hope that he can calmly compete in Ti4. Because personally each player has his dream as a pro gamer. On the night before the team confiscated cellphones, about 10pm, they have a brief holiday. So we went out together to eat supper. Then Xiao8 told me that phones will be collected soon, and we are not able to communicate or see each other for about a month.

Now we might not have the plan to have kids, but if we were to have it, we will be prepared for it.

Xiao8 resumed a gaming career

Mu is a high risk, high reward player, which is likely the cause of his huge earnings in More losses led to Mu eventually announcing his retirement in August of When Hao was competing against the team RoX. Hao was known to be fervent in competitions.

Zhang “xiao8” Ning is a Chinese professional Dota 2 player. He is currently a member of Big God and coach of EHOME.

We had i G wishing us all a good holiday, a very well-written analysis piece of Bur NIng, and the highlight of the week undoubtedly goes to the i G. A sparse week in terms of quantity, but absolutely not lacking in quality. Bur NIng playstyle and skills analysis Following the i G. Well-deserved win, with a dominant overall performance by i G in this G-League.

This week featured an interesting question and answer session with i G. Sure, it was nice, and sure, it was new, but some of the questions were awkward, others were shallow, while yet other questions were mistranslated entirely. This was the highlight of this week, and rightly so. Johnny Looking at the 8 teams that have made it this far, their strengths and weaknesses, and what to watch for.

Big news this week was Tong Fu making roster changes, with involved to a lesser degree. Gamefy G-League preview and predictions Their preview favored i G heavily, and it all proved to be correct, as i G swept to a victory.

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Xiao8 Dota 2 Dating I think that arguments are aspects that come xiao8 dota 2 dating any relationship or friendship and that just make couples stronger. We essentially go through the struggle of being in a relationship, without the real title. He is currently a member of Newbee Boss.

Towards the end it is revealed that Xiao8 went on the show to try to get one specific girl (the fan) to leave with him (she said no). As for the rest – a few jokes here and there, and some banter about why he became a DOTA pro and pro-gaming as a career choice.

Xiao8 caught in betting controversy Posted by Eric “reinnnn” Khor at 29 June The audio was leaked due to Gamefy’s mistake, not muting their microphone on DotaTV where the conversation between the bets were broadcasted to thousands watching from the client. The phone call continued with Xiao8 asking if Zhao Jie would like to play Mahjong with him later that day. Mere minutes after the leak, Chinese fans ready their pitchfork and brought it to the Chinese forums stating what Xiao8 did is unethical and he should not follow in Jia Qi ‘SJQ’ Shen’s footsteps, Chinese shoutcaster known for betting ridiculous amount of money on teams.

A few hours ago, Xiao8 released a tweet on his QQ account stating his reason for the bet and he should not participate in such activity. I thought that it betting would make watching tournaments more exciting, to have sort of participation in it, not the money.


The words exchanged between Danche and xiao8 are somewhat ridiculous and shed light on probably old unsettled conflicts of the former Dota 2 commentator with the Chinese scene. Danche accuses xiao8 of a fake retirement only to be able to play outside the spotlights and take part in betting schemes. But I swear on my own life that I have never participated in match-fixing. Nor have I ever placed any wagers on my own matches.

Dota 2 Former Dota2 Caster Accuses xiao8 for Match-Fixing. Former Dota2 Caster Accuses xiao8 for Match-Fixing. by. Yuhui; April 8, as xiao8 himself admits that he indeed placed bets on Dota 2 matches, but he stressed the fact that he never placed a dime on matches of his own team.

Xiao 8 dota 2 dating site “xiao8” Ning is a professional Chinese Dota 2 player who is currently playing for DanGo. Zhang “xiao8” Ning is dsting Chinese professional Dota 2 player. With hundreds of new dating sites entering the picture, choosing the best. Galaxy Battles 2 7h 27m VGJ. It surprises me a bit that people didn’t know all to much about xiao 8 dota 2 dating site players, maybe it’s just that I know more than others or you know less than others.

But yeah, most of us refer to it as the International 3. Results – Liquipedia Dota 2 Wiki It would also be difference for your team no. In their minds xiao 8 dota 2 dating site like “If that didn’t happen we would have won so easily, lets just use the draft again and not make any mistakes like last time.

Zhang “xiao8” Ning – Dota 2 Player

Ning is the captain of the squad with the intention of competing for fun. In the registration process he found out that xiao 1 till 7 were all taken and he settled for the alias xiao8. Xiao8 has the flexibility to play two roles, the offlaner and support for his team Newbee Boss, thanks to his past experience with LGD Gaming. Playing support can sometimes be challenging so xiao8 makes sure that he picks a support hero to get his unit out of trouble.

Feb 19,  · Zhang “xiao8” Ning is a professional Chinese Dota 2 player who is currently playing for Big God. Dota 2. In early Xiao8 joined Catastrophic Cruel Memories along with Zhou, Ferrari and ddc. After some success Xiao8 and his teammates moved to Invictus Gaming in a $6 million deal.


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Zhang “xiao8” Ning is a Chinese professional Dota 2 is currently a member of Newbee Boss. Biography. Xiao8 begun his professional career in September .


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eSports profile for Dota 2 player Zhang “xiao8” Ning: $1,, USD in prize money won from 54 tournaments.


Dota LEGENDS vs SEA star — xiao8, Burning, Ferrari vs Ohaiyo